Contact Lenses for Vision Correction Types

It is important that your ocular health be the primary factor when dealing with contact lenses. Our doctors at Bayshore Optometric Clinic, in Nepean, will evaluate the health of the eye before the fitting of contacts. It will be assessed at each follow up examination. The contact lens solution will be carefully selected for each patient to ensure the health and comfort of the eyes.

Your exam results and any additional corneal measurements are used to find a contact lens suited to your specific vision needs. Astigmatism, high refractive error, presbyopia, and other conditions can complicate the search process, but Bayshore Optometric Clinic does its best to find what lens will work. After your first fitting appointment, we require that you return for a follow-up visit to evaluate your vision, comfort, and ocular health. Changes may be needed to the design if ocular health or vision is compromised. Resources are available for additional information on your eye health.

Thanks to advances in contact lens technology, it is possible for almost anyone to wear contact lenses.

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We have lenses for all vision correction types, ages, lifestyle needs, along with replacement schedules, including:

  • Daily disposable
  • 2 week disposable
  • Monthly disposable
  • Extended wear (ability to sleep in)
  • Toric (for correcting astigmatism)
  • Coloured lenses
  • Multi-focal (correcting near and distance vision with the same lens)
  • RGP (rigid gas permeable)
  • Monovision (correcting distance vision in one eye and near vision in the other)

Contact lenses are now available from low to very high power needs for the following vision problems:

  • Myopia (nearsightedness)
  • Hyperopia (farsightedness)
  • Astigmatism (oval shaped front surface of the eye)
  • Presbyopia (need for reading glasses, bifocals or progressive lenses)

We provide contact lenses from many different companies, including:

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